Thursday Briefings – Spring Term 2016

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Our Thursday briefings this term work to continue our enquiry into how best to ensure our learners are active, engaged and reflective while also visibly revising what exactly it is that makes for excellent teaching and learning.

Teacher student relationships have a significant impact on student progress and are key when considering how to engage and motivate.  Creating an atmosphere in the classroom which encourages respect, rapport and a culture of learning is one of our lines of enquiry. Presentations this spring include those that focus on: how we can provide students with choice; how we can provide opportunities for experimentation in the classroom; understanding the power of  congruence and empathy; how to use praise usefully and to how avoid controlling language in the classroom.  We once again find ourselves reflecting on the power of strong relationships built on trust.

Ensuring that both teachers and students receive quality feedback in the classroom to aid progress is the second line of enquiry.  A second strand of presentations this spring remind us just how important are learning objectives, success criteria, questioning and formative feedback.  These fundamentals support not only students in making progress but teachers in making informed decisions about learning prior to, during and between lessons.

Our third strand looks at how students can self-direct their learning and the link this has to both motivation and progress.  Innovative practice in Science and Drama will form the focus of this element.

The presenters come from across the school community as we look to draw on the experience and expertise we have in our counsellor, our students and our staff.

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