Through the Viewing Panel

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The summer term is here and a new focus for Teaching and Learning briefings has begun.  This term focuses on the work of departments and the aim is to catch a glimpse of the work in subject areas that you don’t normally see.  Hence the title:  Through the Viewing Panel.

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From the title you can perhaps tell that a low brow TV show has had an impact on the format of these briefings.  What you can’t tell from the title is just how many other low brow TV shows have had an impact on the format.

If I mention ‘Saturday Kitchen’ you might have an inkling of how departments might choose the focus of their presentation.  If I mention darts  you might get even closer to the format or you might have given up guessing.

Here is how it goes…

A spinner is spun and a department chosen at random.  A slide is displayed giving a wide range of topics that we would like to hear about.  The chosen department must identify one topic they are confident in presenting on and another which they’d really rather not talk about.  Cue the walk-on music (And the Heat is On) as they make their way to the front to throw a dart.  Even numbers and they can talk about their favourite topic.  Odd numbers and they get their unpalatable topic.

As we work to make more practice visible there is a need to not only discuss what we feel most confident about in our teaching, but also that which constantly gives us trouble and causes us problems.  Personally, it is the problematic parts of teaching which keep me engaged.  Which professional pianist was it who gave up an established career because he was no longer frightened when about to perform…

Art – Thurs Briefing – Success Criteria 2

Geography – Problem solving presentation

History – Peer Teaching


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