The use of video to aid reflection

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This spring term our CPD focus has altered to include the use of video to aid reflection and our approach is based on the work of Mike Hughes. We continue to work towards providing opportunities for staff to talk about teaching using classroom based evidence.  Whilst CPD during the autumn term relied on the written work of students, this term relies on video clips which show teaching and learning in action.

The cross curricular Collaborative Enquiry Groups remain in place and colleagues are basing discussion on the use of 3 minute video clips.  Videoing lessons provides opportunities for staff to revisit lessons to reflect with more reliable information than memory allows.  It’s astonishing what you filter during a five period day.

In order to create the most positive atmosphere, an atmosphere in which emotions run less high, the collection of data is useful. Identifying the cold facts relating to quantifiable evidence can result in fruitful discussion as well as the changing of habits.

As trust builds, and colleagues are more open with one another, discussing clips provides an interesting opportunity to view teaching from alternative perspectives.  However, a different perspective from each pair of eyes allows for the balancing of ideas and ensures constructive discussions which move away from subjectivity.

As I look back at the term, I conclude that I enjoy using videoing as a tool for reflection but as I watch video clips of lessons, I come to realise precisely why films rely so heavily on music.  The one thing which is very difficult to capture on video is the atmosphere of a classroom.  To fully appreciate a lesson I need to feel the atmosphere.  Then I start to wonder about creating two opposing soundtracks to accompany one video clip.  Would the differing music alter the reception of the viewed lesson?  And that of course makes me wonder just how much atmosphere accounts for learning and progress and just how that atmosphere is created in the first place…


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