Co-Planning as CPD

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Our CPD Tuesday afternoons continue.  Lessons end at 2.10 and CPD begins 5 minutes later.  Having worked in cross department groups (Collaborative Enquiry Groups) to enquire into marking and feedback in the autumn term and forming discussions based on video evidence in the spring term, this summer term sees a change of focus:  Co-planning.  We continue to provide designated time for teachers to talk about teaching.  Recognising that the average couple of minutes per month is not enough.

Five sessions across the term allow groups of 2 or 3 teaching staff to work together to co-plan a lesson which is then taught, viewed and both the outcome and the process evaluated.  The process is repeated to ensure each member of staff takes the role of teacher for whom the lesson is planned.

The focus of the co-planning has been broadly drawn.  The choices include planning with one big idea in mind (e.g. raising engagement, building student confidence, challenge); utilising the 5 minute lesson plan from TeacherToolkit; working to plan using the Direct Instruction model as a stimulus and using  J. S. Bruner’s later publication, ‘The Relevance of Education’ (1971) to embrace a model built on his work in discovery learning.

Planning a lesson out of your comfort zone is exhilarating as you work hard and fast to meet the expectations of your colleague while also struggling to assimilate the content of the lesson.  It is also a creative process which allows everyday practice to become more visible and allows a trusting environment to continue to grow.


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